This website represents the LCpl Kenneth L. Worley Young Marine unit based in Bellflower/Norwalk, CA. Our physical location is at: 13000 San Antonio Drive, Norwalk. We drill every other Saturday 0800-1500 (3pm).

The Young Marines is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, open to all children aged 8 to 18 years, and dedicated to strengthening the lives of America's youth by teaching the values of courage, loyalty, honor, and patriotism in an atmosphere of teamwork, shared activities, and camaraderie.

They gather for instruction in many areas, including Marine Corps standards of appearance, performance, and values; drill and color guard; personal fitness; customs and courtesy; discipline; self esteem and respect for others; teamwork; Marine Corps and United States history; and drug demand reduction programs.

Young Marines also have the opportunity to have fun while they learn. Enjoyable group-oriented activities include field trips to special museum exhibits, on-base camping trips, and nature explorations.

The unit was formed as a living memorial to LCpl Worley who as an orphan from New Mexico ended up in Long Beach, CA in his early teens.

He gained counsel from local law enforcement and learned of the United States Marines Corps. While employed as a truck driver he enlisted through the Fresno Recruiting station June 1967. He completed all needed training and was assigned to L Company 3rd Bn 7th Marines. On 12 August 1968, in the hamlet of BoBan, he answered the call of grenades by covering several with his body to protect his comrads and died as a result of his actions. He was returned to Southern California where his foster family resided. He was buried at Westminster Memorial Gardens in Westminster, CA, in a plot donated by a family connected with the Memorial Gardens. Two years later he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions and a presentation was made to his son who he had never seen and the mother of his child, who resided in the state of Washington. His history became known to me in an article by George Grupe in May 2003 in the Orange County Register. The unit was originally chartered in May, 2004, 1 year later, and has grown from the first 4 in August, 2004 to its current size.


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